Environment first

 We love our planet. Our earth is our home and we must treat and preserve it well. We announce that Maripe shoes will integrate sustainability into our collection, from design and research to production, supply chain and logistics. The change has already started, we will launch our new fully sustainable spring/summer collection 23 at the beginning of the third quarter of this year. Let's live in a better world, let's make it happen
- Mattia Panizzolo, owner Maripé


The perfect fit for your feet.
The most important thing for us is the constant research to make women feminine and light. Our shoes combine elengance without renunce to the comfort.
What we do is the total expression of who we are.

100% Made In Italy

The leather comes from family-owned tanneries in Italy, the production process takes place in small manufactures in Italy. All pieces are finished by hand in order to ensure the highest quality. Together with our expert technicians in footwear development we take care of the entire manufacturing process.

3rd Generation of Shoemakers

Tradition and culture makes the excellence in shoemaking. We work with passion and craftmanship. Since the beginning Grandfather Egisto left the Riviera del Brenta with his handmade creations on his bycicle to present them to the ladies of the Center of Padua.
Egisto then passed on his passion for shoes and his skills to his son Roberto who in turn passed on to his son Mattia.